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Favourite Authors

Favourite Regency/Victorian Authors (reread favs **)

  • Mary Balogh - Regency Novels. Many different series, however my favourite is The Survivor Series - especially Only Beloved (the last in series)**; and The Arrangement**. Also really enjoyed Slightly/Bedwyn series especially Slightly Married** and Slightly Wicked**. I've also read the Mistress Series, my favourite is The Secret Mistress. Series is ok. 
  • Loretta Chase - Regency Novels with a dash of Grit. Best books focus on: Anti-Hero/Reformed Rake and Strong Heroine Pairing. Favourites include: Carsington Brothers (especially Mr. Impossible** - Egypt Regency); Scoundrels (especially Lord of Scoundrels** and The Last Hellion**); and one of my favourite HF novels - Knaves Wager**. 

  • Anne Gracie - Lovely regency novels. Favourites include: The Merridew Sisters (especially The Perfect Rake); The Devil Riders (especially The Accidental Wedding** and His Captive Lady**)
  • Georgette Heyer** - Queen of the Genre. 1930s author who created regency romance. Her writing style can seem odd at first (as it is more in line with style of writing and speech of the regency time period).  Uses authentic regency terms which is great. Some of my favourites are The black sheep**, Arabella**, Devils Cub**, The Nonesuch**, Friday's Child**. Lovely go to reads to relax and enjoy. She creates some amazing side characters that can steal the show. Some books are pre-regency. No sexy times, I'm afraid :D
  • Elizabeth Hoyt - Mainly pre-Regency (Georgian). My favourites so far : The Princes Trilogy - Raven Prince** and Serpent Price**. Legend of Soldiers - To Seduce a Sinner was ok. TBR: most of Maiden Lane Series. Notorious Pleasures was quite good. 
  • Laura Kinsale - Flowers from the storm** is her most famous and best book. Unusual heroine and hero but it works really well. I've read two other books but didn't really like them - Dream Hunter (the heroine was sort of stupid, but resolved in the end) and Shadow and the Star (which is unromantic and rapey, with a ridiculous story line). Willing to read others if recommended. . . 
  • Lisa Kleypas** - Regency and Victorian Novels - one of my favourite authors in this genre. Novels have a bit more grit to them, and cross social class. Best books focus on: anti-hero/reformed rake and strong unusual heroine pairing. Series include the Wallflowers** (my absolute favourite is Devil in Winter**) and the Hathaway (favourite is Mine till Midnight** and Love in the afternoon**). LOVED Dreaming of you**
  • Caroline Linden - Scandal** series is excellent, really liked it takes a scandal, love and scandal, love in the time of scandal, six degrees of scandal, a study in scandal. "blame it on bath" was ok, but What a Gentleman Wants** was excellent - loved it. 
  • Julie Anne Long - Pennyroyal Green Series - good series but there are some serious gems. One of best books is What I did for a Duke** (absolutely LOVE this) and How Marquess was won**
  • Julia Quinn** - Lighthearted Regency Novels - one of my favourite authors in this genre. Best pick me up after a bad day books. Favourites include: The Bridgerton Series** (ALL of them but my favourite of the series is Romancing Mr. Bridgerton); The Smythe-Smith Quartet** (except The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy); The Bevelstoke Series** (except Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever); Agents of the Crown is of, but How to Marry a Marquis** was quite good; Lyndon Sisters is ok, prefer Brighter than the Sun. The short stories/joint novels are actually brilliant - Lady most Likely, Lady most willing, The further observations of lady Whistledown, Lady whistledown strikes back. 
  • Sherry Thomas - Recently started reading London Trilogy - The Luckiest Lady in London** was excellent and His at Night was good. I enjoy the unusual perspective in this books. 

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